Take Action When Notified of an Injury or Illness at Work

Loss Amount: $56,000

Situation: A groomer notified her veterinarian employer that she was experiencing numbness and tingling in her hands while she worked. The employer did not think it was serious and so did not refer her for treatment or notify Fireman’s Fund. During the next four months the groomer’s condition worsened. The numbness and tingling had now progressed to pain in both wrists and hands, making it difficult for her to perform her regular duties without serious discomfort. Finally, she sought treatment from her own doctor and told her employer. By the time the claim was filed with Fireman’s Fund, the employee could not work.

The groomer was diagnosed with bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery was performed successfully and the employee was released to work with restrictions of no forceful grasping or gripping; however, the employer could not make these accommodations. So, instead, the claim involved extended wage reimbursement while the employee continued to treat, up to the point that she was declared “Permanent” and “Stationary.” It ultimately concluded after more than two years, with compensation for what had become permanent disabilities and payment for rehabilitation towards an unrelated career.

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