Floor Scales Can Be a Serious Trip Hazard

Loss Amount: $190,000

Situation: In a veterinary hospital, an elderly customer was walking with her pet to a treatment room. A floor scale was placed in an area where customers had to step over or walk around it. The customer tripped on the scale and fell to the floor. The resulting injuries included a broken leg that required major surgery and hospitalization for three weeks. After the hospitalization, the customer required three months of rehabilitation therapy.

Lesson Learned: Patient scales should be placed in an area where customers and employees don’t have to step over or around the scales.

  • Scales should be in a color distinct from flooring or surrounding furnishings.
  • The area where scales are placed should be well lighted.
  • When appropriate, post warning signs about the scales.
  • Include placement of scales, lighting and signage in your monthly premises inspections. Make improvements as needed.

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