Oh! That Dog is Heavy!

Loss Amount: $253,000

Situation: A 48-year-old kennel employee injured her lower back, neck and left shoulder when she lifted a large, 75-100 lb. dog out of a kennel in order to clean the kennel.

Her regular job duties included cleaning the kennels and kennel area, moving animals from one kennel to another, assisting the veterinary technicians in preparing the animals for X-rays/treatment and occasionally carrying 40-lb. bags of food to customers’ cars.

Approximately 60% of employee injuries involving dogs are from restraining or lifting them. The average claim is $4,500.

Lesson Learned: What can be learned about these types of injuries?

  • When the claimant recognized that she was having difficulty getting the large dog removed from the kennel, she could have requested assistance from a co-worker.
  • With a dog of this size, it is best practice to work as a team.
  • Reduce the likelihood of employee injuries of this type by developing a set of specific Best Practices for loading and unloading kennel cages.

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