A Near Miss Still Results in Injury

Loss Amount: $7,500

What Happened: An employee worked as the receptionist and veterinary technician at the hospital. On this particular occasion a co-worker was absent, so she was filling in as a groomer. While preparing a dog for grooming, the dog tried to jump from the grooming table and jumped toward her. The employee, in order to avoid being bitten, twisted and jerked away from the dog, injuring her lower back and neck.

Lesson Learned: What valuable lessons can we learn from this accident?

  • The dog being groomed should have been secured to the table top by a leash arm.
  • The dog could have been muzzled to prevent the prospect of being bitten.
  • The employee should have asked for assistance if she was not familiar with preparing a dog for grooming. Hospitals should develop patient restraint “Best Practices”. These “Best Practices” should include procedures for: large patients, fractious patients, use of muzzles, restraint devices, sedation, and when to request assistance.

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