Unstable Equipment (Too Easily) Broken by Loose Animal

Loss Amount: $21,000

Situation: A cat was being treated by a veterinary team and got loose. It jumped around the room, landing on and knocking over an ultrasound unit on its stand. Moments later the animal was retrieved and subsequently treated without further incident. The ultrasound equipment, however, no longer functioned.

The equipment was sent out for inspection and repair but deemed a total loss. It was replaced with another unit of like kind and quality, however the temporary loss of the original device was also an inconvenience to the practice.

Lesson Learned: This loss was caused by a “dynamic duo” of circumstances: the accidental release of the cat and the inadequate stability of the stand the ultrasound unit was on. Preventing loose animals in the veterinary environment is sometimes difficult and this circumstance should be expected. Staff and other equipment may also accidentally come into contact with one another in this environment. Therefore, attention should be given to the stability of expensive and critical equipment. The following tips are provided to address this exposure:

  • Place or mount equipment on fixed bases whenever possible.
  • Carefully test mobile bases for their stability. If any are found to be too easily tipped, consider providing a heavier base.
  • Anchoring equipment and/or stands to a nearby wall or other secure location may also be a good option to prevent tipping or falling.

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