Stay Off the Lift

Loss Amount: $24,000

Situation: A kennel employee used a hydraulic lift table to raise a large dog off the floor to be bathed in a tub. She then sat on the table with the dog, using its leash for restraint, prior to transferring it to the tub. Her right leg was bent under the table for balance, and it inadvertently depressed one of the function buttons, causing the table to lower. Her leg got caught under the table and as the table collapsed, she fractured her ankle. The ankle injury was serious, resulting in a recuperation that lasted several months, and a permanent disability.

Lesson Learned: Lift tables are designed to be used only for raising animals, and should not be sat on. Aside from the risk of injury, the table cannot be properly operated from above and there is little
chance of effectively restraining an animal if it becomes agitated. Instead, this should be at least a two-person job: one to operate the table and at least one other to help with restraint. Doing so provides security for the health of staff and the animals under their care.

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