Electronics and Liquids Don't Mix

Loss Amount: $38,000

Situation: A rolling ultrasound machine was being cleaned with rubbing alcohol after a procedure. An employee set a rubbing alcohol bottle down on the counter next to the machine and, moments later, accidentally knocked it over. The liquid spilled onto the keyboard and down into the computer CPU below. The employee quickly cleaned up the mess, but when he tried to turn the machine on again, nothing happened.

A technician was called out to the practice to inspect and repair the ultrasound machine. Unfortunately, both the computer’s internal electronics and the camera had been seriously damaged and the unit was a total loss and had to be replaced.

Lesson Learned: Liquids and sensitive electronic equipment, like the ultrasound unit in this case, don’t mix. This was a simple accident, but it shows how the simplest of accidents can result in a costly claim. Some steps that can be taken to prevent spills like this and the damages they cause are:

  • Keep liquids and sensitive equipment apart. Place liquid containers a safe distance away when working with them.
  • Replace caps on bottles between uses, so that if they tip over they do not spill.
  • Do not allow eating or drinking in sensitive areas.
    Cover sensitive equipment when not in use.
  • Dispense larger liquids into smaller containers that are easier to handle and that will limit the extent if there is a spill.
  • Use boxes, crates or caddies to carry and hold cleaning supplies so they don’t fall.
  • Have cleanup supplies nearby to help limit the damages of a spill.

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