Dog Burned by Radiant Heat Lamp

Loss Amount: $12,000

Situation: A small dog was brought in to a veterinary practice by it owners for treatment. Following the treatment it was bathed and put in the post-op kennel area. A radiant heat lamp was installed to prevent unintended hypothermia and the area left alone for a while. During this time the lamp, positioned too close to the cage and not designed for the purpose, created excessive temperatures inside. The animal survived but suffered serious burns.

Lesson Learned:

  • Use appropriate equipment and position it at a safe distance from the animal. Radiant heat lamps can cause excessive temperatures in a short amount of time. They can be hazardous to animals, as in this case, and a fire hazard to the property if they come into contact with combustible materials.
  • If using drying equipment, make sure that it is equipped with timers and thermostatic controls. Veterinary practices are often busy and there are lot’s of distractions. Timers and thermostats help control the potential of overexposure.
  • Monitor the patients. All areas of the practice devoted to care and treatment of animals should be checked frequently to monitor the health of the animals.

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