Faulty Clothes Dryer Control Causes Fire

Loss Amount: $86,000

What Happened: A fire in the laundry room of an animal hospital damaged much of the building and the hospital’s equipment. An investigation revealed that the fire was caused by a clothes dryer that was left unattended after business hours and failed to shut off automatically. It overheated and caught fire.

Lesson Learned: The operation of equipment when nobody is around is always a potential hazard if something goes wrong. The following steps should be taken to reduce the risk of similar accidents:

  • Perform laundry activities well before the end of the workday so washers and dryers are not operating and have been allowed to cool down.
  • Designate an employee to confirm that all laundry equipment is shut off and clothes removed before leaving the premises.
  • Dispose of lint that accumulates inside and around dryers. Lint buildup due to poor housekeeping, especially from the area behind dryers, is a common fire hazard.
  • Conduct scheduled maintenance on laundry equipment. Such maintenance could have identified the faulty shut off control and prevented this loss.

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