Do Your Entry Doors Contain Safety Glass?

Loss Amount: $140,000

Situation: A client slipped and fell into a glass door at the entrance to a building. The client sustained serious injuries to her face and arm from the jagged shards because the door was not made of safety glass.

Lesson Learned: Safety glass, either laminated or tempered, breaks differently than regular glass. When safety glass is struck it does not break into sharp jagged pieces like normal window glass, but is held together by a clear plastic film (laminated type) embedded in the glass, or it is designed to break into small pebble-like pieces without sharp edges (tempered type).

Although the building was constructed prior to the requirements for safety glass at entrance doorways, allegations that the property owner knew, or should have known, of the danger of non-safety glass was a factor in their liability exposure.

Glass entry doors and adjoining entryway windows should be checked by a licensed glass contractor. To conduct your own quick check, oftentimes glass manufacturers will place a stamped or etched “safety glass” label on the top or bottom corner of the glass. However, if you are unsure, consult with a glass professional.

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