Delivery Driver Bitten by Loose Dog

Loss Amount: $14,000

Situation: A vendor’s delivery driver was dropping off pet supplies at a hospital. He entered through a gated area at the rear of the building where the food is stored, as per the normal practice. The hospital’s dog kennel is also in the same area. A latch to one of the enclosures had not been secured properly and a large dog being boarded was able to escape, attacking the man.

The driver received multiple deep bite wounds to his left knee. Although he received immediate treatment and recuperated, the truck he operated was a manual transmission and the injury prevented him from being able to shift gears. As a result he was off work for several weeks before returning to his normal duties.

Lesson Learned: As this case illustrates, aggressive animals can be a liability hazard to animal hospitals if they cause harm to those unaffiliated with the practice. A simple mistake in this case, not properly securing all the kennel enclosures, resulted in an expensive loss and a disruption to the business. If an accident such as this were to involve a client it could also result in long term damage to the reputation of the business. The facility was fortunate that the dog did not escape too. Staff should always double check to make sure that gates are latched.

Proper training of staff in the methods and importance of securing enclosures, combined with verification by management that procedures are being followed properly, can minimize the chances of accidents like this.

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