CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance


The CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance is designed to help you develop your safety program. This is the fourth in a series of manuals designed to help veterinarians and veterinary facilities reach full compliance with Cal/OSHA and other regulatory agency requirements. The first hardcopy guide was prepared over a decade ago with an “update” following in 1995. The CVMA has elected to use the electronic online format for delivery of this guide in hopes that future updates will be easier to publish (the hardcopy version is no longer available). The online, subscription-only CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance will help you to reach full regulatory compliance. It contains:  

  • An updated regulatory manual, with information on how to produce and implement a safety program
  • Interactive Web pages that will create a customized IIPP, EAP, FPP, and HCP for your facility
  • Access to a regulatory consultant
  • Frequent updates as laws change


The regulatory manual was written specifically for veterinary facilities operating in California. It includes: 

  • Instructions on how to complete and/or update a customized written safety program for your facility, including an Injury & Illness Prevention Program, Hazard Communication Program, Emergency Action Plan, and Fire Prevention Plan
  • Downloadable forms to help implement your safety program
  • Recordkeeping requirements
  • Training requirements
  • Site inspections requirements
  • Waste management regulations
  • Radiation (X-ray) regulations
  • Drug Enforcement Administration requirements
  • Department of Fish and Game regulations
  • Veterinary Medical Board regulations
  • Pharmacy and prescriptions issues


As rules and standards change, the guide will reflect that. Online publishing means the CVMA Guide to Cal/OSHA Compliance will always be up-to-date, to help protect your practice and keep you in compliance. 

The initial cost to subscribe to the online guide is $279.00. After one year, you will be charged a yearly subscription fee of $119.00 if you wish to renew your subscription. Please note that the guide is available to CVMA members only.

CVMA members can subscribe in three ways:

  • Order online by visiting the Products section of
  • Download a PDF form for mailing, emailing, or faxing to 916.646.9156 
  • By phone 800.655.2862

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